City Of Buffalo's History

View a brief history of the city of Buffalo below.

  • 1879


    More than one hundred thirty years ago there was a prosperous little village three miles from where Buffalo, Texas now stands. The name of this little village was Val Verde, which means Green Valley.

  • 1879


    This beautiful little valley is hedged in by hills which are more than half surrounded by small streams. These streams are supported by bold springs and clothed by a stately mantle of cedar and holly. Nearly every species of evergreen can be found nearby. Most of the trees were all decked out in beautiful festoons of moss, vines, brambles and berries. All in all, it was a lovely profusion by nature's own hand.

  • 1879


    There was a foot bridge to cross the clear brook and a trail which led to a perpendicular bluff. From the base of this bluff, gushed a bold spring of pure living water. This was enclosed by a carpet of green grass. Had the lovely spot occupied a place in some National Park, its beautiful and picturesque scenery would have been inscribed by many a pen.

  • 1879


    At the time of which I write, there was in this little dell: two storehouses, grist mill, cotton gin, saw mill, blacksmith shop, school and church house. Cedar Creek Community was the only place of any note between Fairfield and Centerville. It was the center of society and business for miles around.