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Law Enforcement for the Municipal Court

The Buffalo Police Department & Leon County Sherriff’s Office performs the law enforcement duties of the Buffalo Municipal Court. These agencies may arrest defendants with warrants, transport prisoners being held on municipal court warrants, and serve the summons, subpoenas, and other legal papers issued by the municipal court.


Arrest Warrant Status

If you have a warrant because you have failed to appear in court, please contact the clerk for your available options. Tex. Code Crim. Pro. Art. 45.014(g) provides:

  • (g) A justice or judge shall recall an arrest warrant for the defendant's failure to appear if, before the arrest warrant is executed:
    • The defendant voluntarily appears to resolve the arrest warrant
    • The arrest warrant is resolved in any manner authorized by this code

Capias Pro Fine Warrant Status

The judge may issue a Capias Pro Fine warrant if a Defendant fails to satisfy a judgment according to its terms and the Defendant has failed to appear for a scheduled show cause hearing. If your case is in Capias Pro Fine status the following options are available:

Appear in open court for a show cause hearing. Please advise the court clerk upon your arrival so that your file can be taken to the courtroom.

Pay the fines due in full. You may make a payment in full online, over the phone, or in person.

Tex. Code Crim. Pro. Art. 45.045(a-3) provides:

(a-3) The court shall recall a capias pro fine if, before the capias pro fine is executed:

  • The defendant voluntarily appears to resolve the amount owed
  • The amount owed is resolved in any manner authorized by this chapter




Third-Party Collections

The Buffalo Municipal Court also refers past due warrants to a third-party collection agency, McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen, PC. For all cases referred, an additional 30% is added to the total owed on your violation as well as a $50 warrant fee to each violation.

We also forward all cases in warrant status to OMNI Base Service of Texas. This statewide database can deny re-issuance or renewal of your driver's license until your case is resolved. Please contact the court directly for information on the amount owed and how to make payment. Personal checks will not be accepted. To verify the status of your license, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety's verification site.







***Note that you may be eligible for a payment plan or community service if you are unable to make payment in full, but the hold will remain on your license until the citation is paid in full or discharged in full by completed community service. PLEASE CONTACT THE BUFFALO MUNICIPAL COURT DIRECTLY FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.